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Jul 25 2013


One of the many benefits of the Web is its ability to create a unique, tailored experience for the individual user. It’s more engaging to see news from friends and favorite brands when logging into a social network, rather than … Continue reading

Categories: Experiment, Prospector, UP, User Data

Nov 16 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team has an experimental interface design that tries to inform users that they’re in control of their data, let users see and control what they share, and help users understand the effects of sharing. Feedback is welcome for the high level parts of the design, and we’ll get into the individual details in later posts. Continue reading

Categories: Design, Prospector, User Data

Nov 2 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team has a new proof-of-concept that puts together the pieces of analyzing, sharing, and controlling data from Firefox. Site Suggest makes a secure and privacy-protected request with an ODP category to put a site suggestion in the corner of the new tab page. Continue reading

Categories: Add-ons, History, Prospector, User Data

Oct 26 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team covers 4 topics of setting terms of use on shared Firefox data: rewarding good behavior, using data non-transactionally, increasing transparency, and creating contracts. Continue reading

Categories: Prospector, User Data

Oct 19 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team has a proof-of-concept experiment about:trackers to explore the idea of users setting terms of use for shared Firefox data. Mozilla can provide sensible defaults for users as well as help them make sure web sites comply with the user’s terms with tools like cookie blocking or connection blocking. Continue reading

Categories: Add-ons, Prospector, User Data

Oct 11 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team explores ideas about using locally analyzed Firefox data to improve browsing experience such as navigation aids with highlighted interests and Firefox-facilitated sharing of summarized data to websites. Continue reading

Categories: Awesome Bar, History, Prospector, Search, User Data

Oct 5 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team has a proof-of-concept experiment about:profile, which analyzes data stored locally to an instance of Firefox, to start a conversation about different ways to analyze the data with the goal of improving Firefox while supporting Mozilla’s principles of openness and user privacy. Continue reading

Categories: Add-ons, Awesome Bar, Prospector, Search, User Data

May 24 2012

Ed Lee

The Prospector team has a new experimental search add-on to help users navigate to sites they’re looking for by skipping the search results and taking users directly to the website. With some help from blekko, this search experiment keeps users informed about if selecting a search completion will result in a direct page navigation or the usual listing of search results. Continue reading

Categories: Add-ons, Prospector, Search, Test-Pilot, Web Search

Oct 11 2010

Ed Lee

Prospector is a new series of experiments from Mozilla Labs focused on analyzing, experimenting and prototyping improvements on how you search and discover content with Firefox. To start, we’re focusing on three main areas: websites you have visited, tabs you … Continue reading

Categories: Prospector