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Mozilla Firefox is a great browser, including many features from both the point of view of safety with regard to the compatibility with the standards and the latest versions of development languages ​​for the web.

Mozilla Firefox has already taken a big chunk in the browser thanks to its speed and especially to its ease and comfort of use: it is a very good browser and full of interesting features in Mozilla Firefox fact there are very useful features such as navigation tab, where each tab can be closed independently, and if we close a tab by mistake, just use the appropriate option to re-open it with a single click.

Firefox has introduced a feature that many will appreciate, that the spell checker can also be used on web-based e-mail and blog: errors will decrease dramatically and you can then write faster and with greater ease.
As for research, Mozilla Firefox supports the tips to show you the most searched terms recently: just type the first letters in the search field to have access to a large list of suggestions and speed up your searches.

Furthermore, in Mozilla Firefox, is particularly cutting edge from the point of view of safety, as regards both the sites at risk as regards the possible system crash: in case the software is closed in response to an error, in fact, Mozilla Firefox is able to restore the previous session running, with all the tabs that were open at that time: a big advantage when looking for information on a site and the browser is closed for an error has prevented you finish reading.

The program developed by Mozilla is very careful then to new technologies and user habits: they were built many search engines, the "Live Bookmarks" that allow you to view the latest news released by their favorite sites and an RSS feed reader integrated Mozilla Firefox. For safety instead has received a phishing filter, and have been implemented protections against spyware, Trojans and other malicious programs.

Firefox is the only browser really "personal": You can add new features thanks to the thousands of add-ons available: from the management of online auctions to upload digital photos, from checking the weather forecast at the chance to listen to music directly from the browser. By installing the themes you can instead change the appearance of Firefox and can, for example, have fake wood paneling or metallic colors.

Downloading the software is managed by a custom download manager. and manage downloads have no correlation with the software manufacturer. The Download Manager can be installed on all computers that are running Windows 7/8, Vista, XP. and is compatible with all versions of Chrome and Firefox. More information on the download manager. The software that lets you download is Open Source. You can download this software for free also from the manufacturer by clicking here.

During the installation process, the Download Manager will offer additional software that might be of interest to you and that you can uninstall when you want. View more information on uninstalling. It's possible to decide whether or not to install any software offered simply accepting or rejecting the offer itself during the installation process. Visit the page of additional offers

All software are completely free and compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 and Mozilla Firefox Web browser, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.