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Quality turn-based strategy on iPhone

Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game in the style of Advance Wars where you have to play one of the sides in a war and lead it to victory. Choose between the Winged Crusade and the Landians. Each has its own units...

Mecho Wars icon1.5.6

Now Star Wars arrives to Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest instalment in the Angry Birds franchise, which this time joins forces with one of the most popular sagas in the history of cinema to create a new game experience packed with exciting...

Angry Birds Star Wars icon1.5.11

More Star Wars characters join the ranks of Angry Birds

Angry Birds Star Wars II is the sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, serving up more or less the same format with some additional characters that expand gameplay considerably. This time around, you're not limited to...

Angry Birds Star Wars II icon1.9.22

Your social networks and Star Wars, together for the first time

Kinect Star Wars is an application which allows you to easily manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts using an interface and environment inspired by Star Wars. So, the app lets you see your feeds from both social...

Kinect Star Wars icon1.2

First person shooting in the Star Wars universe

Star Wars: Imperial Academy is a first-person action game in which you can put yourself in the shoes of a Storm Trooper in order to exchange fire with friends and enemies alike. The game offers pretty good graphics,...

Star Wars: Imperial Academy icon1.1

All of the GTA saga's fun on your iPhone

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is, in every way, a full GTA, for portable consoles. It first came out on Nintendo DS and PSP, but is now also available on the iPhone, which will allow you to live out all the saga's...

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars icon4.4

Run your own Death Star

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a strategy and management game along the same lines as other games by NimbleBit. This time around, you're put in control of your own Death Star, which you need to maintain by buying new...

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star icon1.4.2

Checkers has never been so much fun

Checker Wars is a twist on the classic checkers game where, instead of having to respect the game rules, you can do practically anything you want in order to win. You can throw your pieces at your opponent, for...

Checker Wars icon1.01

Lightning on your iPhone

Volt is a simple application that allows you to turn your iOS device into a ball of lightning, filling the screen with spectacular effects. One of the app's most fun features allows you to choose a side of the Force...

Volt icon2.0.3

Shoot, dodge, finish off your enemies and keep dodging

Infinity Field is a fun, frenetic spaceship game in which you need to finish off your enemies while dodging their unending attacks. The game recalls the classic Geometry Wars in many ways, since its gameplay requires...

Infinity Field icon2.2

Sail the seven seas with your crew of buccaneers

Lil 'Pirates is a social game Farmville style or Mafia Wars, in which we have to lead a group of fearsome pirates in countless skirmishes across the seven seas. Our crew consists of random characters, such as Facebook...

Lil' Pirates icon1.5.0

Wield Your iPhone as if it were a Lightsaber

Lightsaber Unleashed is an app aimed at fans of the Star Wars saga, which lets them use their Apple device as if it were a Lightsaber. You'll be able to change the type of hilt and the color of the blade to your...

Lightsaber Unleashed icon2.2
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