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Roleplay and action in the Star Wars universe

Star Wars: Bloodlines is a traditional RPG in the vein of Super Nintendo classics like Zelda A Link to the Past, which also borrows elements from classic Yoda Stories, to create a completely new game with a storyline...

Star Wars: Bloodlines icon
Rovio Entertainment

The Star Wars version of Angry Birds for your PC

A long time ago in galaxy far, far away... a group of rebel birds face a galactic threat again: the malicious empire of the pig soldiers. The successful smartphone game launches a demo of their Star Wars version...

Angry Birds Star Wars icon1.2.0

The greatest adventure in the Star Wars universe

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in the popular science fiction universe created by George Lucas, and developed by BioWare (Mass Effect, Baldur's...

Star Wars: The Old Republic icon

A really unique MMORPG

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that's completely different from the rest of the games in the genre. It's unique because the story unravels differently based on the decisions of the players, which is relatively common in...

Guild Wars 2 icon1.0

Free GNU strategy game similar to Age of Empires

Bos Wars is one of the good applications and games that have been released as a result of the social software engineers. Bos Wars is a Real time strategy game where you will have to challenge versus your computer or...

Bos Wars icon2.6.1
Custom Wars Team

An open-source version of Advance Wars

Custom Wars is an open-source turn-based strategy game that takes a lot of elements from the awesome franchise Advance Wars, exclusive to Nintendo's portable game consoles. This version of the game lets you play...

Custom Wars iconBeta 27

Fight against piracy in the borders of Brazil

Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy is a game focused on the concept of muambeiros, which are smugglers who try to cross the border between Brazil and Paraguay to sell their smuggled merchandise. The gameplay is the...

Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy icon0.5
Summoning Wars Development Tea

Indie role playing game in the style of Diablo

Summoning Wars is a free and open-source role playing game that lets you play the main campaign both as single player and in multiplayer mode, with up to eight people playing on a local network. The game has a gameplay...

Summoning Wars icon0.5.6

The Star Wars characters fight each other

Sar Wars: The Ultimate Battle is a fighting game based on the M.U.G.E.N. engine where all the Star Wars universe characters are concentrated to battle in confrontations where everything counts to emerge as the...

Star Wars: The Ultimate Battle icon
Retro Army Limited

Humor, action, blood, jokes... all in one!

Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge is a third-person action game where you will control a peculiar soldier fighting in WWI. He is fighting in a demented, insatiable manner in an attempt to become the best soldier in the...

Medal Wars: Keisers Revenge icon1.6
Bruno R. Marcos

If you're a fan of Star Wars, you are going to love this game!

Star Wars: The Battle of Endor is a game that any fan of Star Wars should try out for two main reasons: first, from the start screen onward you are immersed in the Star Wars universe, and second, it is really fun to...

Star Wars The Battle of Endor icon2.1

Explosions and Lightsabers on your screen

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the latest video game based on the war of the galaxies. It is a MMORPG in which you create your own character and live a gripping story that you both may share with people around the world...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wallpaper icon

Protect the Minirobots from an Attack by the Invaders

Mini Robot Wars is a 'tower defense' in two dimensions in the style of 'Plants vs. Zombies,' in which you have to defend the Minirobots' homeworld from attack by evil robots called 'The Machines.' To avoid being...

Mini Robot Wars icon

Screensaver with High resolution Star Wars posters

Star Wars Posters is a lite collection of posters at high resolution about the magnific movie which has been created by some fans. The pictures, which are really amazing because of its quality, show us images haing...

Star Wars Posters icon1.0

Set Anakin Skywalker in your desktop

The Clone Wars is the name given to the new and exciting Star Wars animated movie arriving to the theaters this summer. All Star Wars fans are expecting the new movie that promises to be amazing. The new look that...

The Clone Wars Wallpaper iconAnakin Skywalker

May the icons be with you

Star Wars, the famous saga directed by George Lucas has millions ans millions of fans all around the world, The characters of the movie are really famous and now you can add them to your projects thanks to this pack of...

Star Wars Icons icon
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