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R K Shridhar

Pt. R.K.Shridhar, have been teaching as a faculty member in ICAS ( as Mathematical specialist, Muhurtha , Prashna Shastra) since 11 years. He is also head of Astrology wing in J.J.School of Astrology. His research work has been published in the

Ajay Bhambi

With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, Pt Ajai Bhambi is a name synonymous with astrology across the world. He is an MA in Economics and is also a law graduate.Ajai Bhambi started writing more than 2 decades ago for different newspapers

Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni

Born in the family of the great Economics scholar Dr Govind Ram Sahni, Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni got the educational, spiritual and astrological atmosphere around him as a family inheritance. His father Dr Govind Ram Sahni recognized the potentialities

Suresh Shrimali

Born in the family of the great scholar of Vedas and Astrology Param Pujaya Jyotish Bhism Pitamaha Pt. Radha Krishna Shrimali, Suresh Shrimali got the spiritual and astrological atmosphere around him as a family inheritance. The father Pt. Radha

Deepak Kapoor

Mr. Deepak Kapoor regarded the Grand Master of the Prashna Kundali. He is a world-renowned astrologer with over 30 years of experience in the field of Astrology. His clientele spans over countries from all the continents of the world and belongs to

Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil is known for his worldwide popularity in the field of astrology. He has already got maximum visibility on internet as compared to any other astrologer in the world w.r.t various occult subjects namely Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology,

Dr. Arvind Kumar Shukla

Eminent researcher, gifted with a power of blessing, equipped with Vedic, Western and Arabic Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Expert, Tantra-Mantra-Yantra specialist and Gemologist, palmistry, Prashna Kundali as well as saamudrik shastra expert (Lakshan

Acharya V Shastri

A man with astrology in his genes, Acharya V Shastri is a third generation scholarly astrologer with a mission to make contemporary life happy and worth living. Acharya ji carries a rich legacy of 100 years in his credentials and envisions taking it

Pt Karan Sharma

Equipped with immense knowledge and years of in-depth research, Pt. Karan Sharma is a Chandigarh based, gold medalist holder, a renowned astrologer who specializes in Astrology, Numerology, Gem-therapy, and Mantras as well. He has deep knowledge of

Acharya Pramod Shashtri

Hailing from a Brahmin family, Acharya Pramod Shashtri has been learning and practicing astrology since the tender age of 17. With over 10 years of experience in the field, his keen interest in the science eventually led him to take up a

Shruti Dwivedi

Equipped with expertise and a career spanning decades, Shruti Dwivedi is a world renowned clairvoyant who is a psychic, a medium, tarot reader, face reader, astrologer, energy healer, numerologist, Wiccan practioner and a past life regression

Pankaj Khanna

Pankaj Khanna learnt astrology as a hobby around the age of 14 years. At the age of 21 years, to polish his skills, he lived in the ashram of Swami Atmanand Saraswati in Narendranagar in Garwal Himalayas. Under the holy guidance of his Guru he

Ritu Shukla

Ritu Shukla-Jyotish Acharya, based out of Delhi is a practicing consultant since 17 years. Proficient in Prashari and Jamini system of astrology, she also specializes in Gemstones, Remedies and Vastu. She is also known for her accurate readings in

Acharya Aaditya

I specialize in Ganit and Phalit Jyotish. I am a certified Astrologer from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and I am MA in Astrology. I practice the Ashtakvarga system of calculation for timing of events which yields brilliant results.

Dr Surendra Kapoor

Mr.Surendra Kapoor aged 57 years is a leading light in the field of Vedic Jyotish, Vastu Sastra, Naming Names and Dream Interpretation.He has been included in International Astrologer’s Directory brought out in 2003 as one of the ‘100 Living Leg

Dr Pankaj Verma

Dr. Pankaj Verma is famous astrologer, also known as “Remedy King” and carries more than 22 years of professional experience. He is widely known for his accurate and precise predictions, and specializes in reading horoscopes, providing remedial m

Acharya Kamal Kant

An Astrologer is one who can tell everything about you with just your birth details. With my 25 years of experience, I not only give accurate predictions but can give very effective remedies too. Generally, Astrologers know one kind of stream

Dr. C V B Subrahmanyam

Dr. CVB Subramaniam is a vedic astrologer and Head of the department of Astrology, Potti Sri Ramulu Telgu University, Hyderabad. He is the Member of Theosophical Society and Universal Brotherhood, Madras and The member of The International Council

Pt. Hanuman Mishra

Pandit Hanuman Mishrra is born and brought up in pious and religion oriented family in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India. He is blessed with the boon of Almighty to serve others through his Divine skills. His formal learning of Astrology started under the

Acharya Sunil Kumar

In the world of astrology, Acharya Sunil Kumar is a name to reckon with. He is one of the brilliant astrologers who have tasted success at a very young age. He showed an inclination and curiosity towards Astro-sciences at a tender age of 23.

Steven Menezes

Steven Menezes is a consulting Vedic astrologer with interceding subspecialty of Prashna Jyotish - engages “Arooda rasi” – a ‘fixed zodiac sign’ for the specific query identified within the moving zodiac as a prime reference point. &n

Ashok Vasudev

Ashok Kumar Vasudeva born and brought up in an illustrious family of astrologers preaching this science and art of life for the last seven generations, Ashok Vasudeva hails from the Una district of Himachal Pradesh, the land of Gods.He is a

Sachin Kumar Gupta

Greetings to Maa Rajrajeshwari and my Gurus who have helped to dispel the darkness of my life.I Sachin Kumar Gupta, 36 years old have been providing consultancy in Astrology for the last 12 years. Asthvinayak Astro Answers was established by me in

Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant is a world renowned astrologer with more than forteen years of experience. He is known for his accurate and precise predictions. In the fields of Vedic astrology, spirituality, and allied science, he is a household name.He has

Pinaki Mishra

Pinaki Mishra – A name synonymous with deep expertise in Astrology, numerology, spiritual healing etc. Pinaki Mishra has cemented his name further as his predictions have so far been exact and precise, and have been featured by various News a

Pt. Arvind Sharma

With knowledge and experience spanning over two decades, Pt Arvind Sharma is a renowned astrologer and gemologist who has been practicing the predictive science for 22 years now. Born to a family of scholars who specialized in Vedas and Astrology,

Sarita Gupta

Fate and destiny are things that are out of the control of human beings. What’s written is a person’s destiny and it is quite inevitable and irreversible. But there are people working on it to understand the regulations of our past, future and pr

Radha Ballabh Mishra

Radha Ballabh Mishra is hails from a Brahmin family. He has a great interest in Spiritualism, occult science, astrology, and other religions since childhood. Although he was a student of Commerce, he decided to complete his post graduation in

Dr. Sanjay Sethi

Dr. Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Astro- Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksh Consultant, Scientific Vastu Expert and an Aura Reader practicing since last 26 yrs. His clientele belong to all walks of life and from almost every

Pandit NL Swami

Pandit NL Swami is a reputed Indian Astrologer who has vast experience in Astrology- Hindu Vedic Astrology, Muslim Astrology, Lal Kitab, Punjab Astrology, Bengali Astrology, and Tamil/Telugu Astrology. Since last 25 years, he is providing

IndeerJith Ssingh Narang

Indeerjith Singh Narang is a renowned healing expert with many dedicated years of service in this field. He specialises in distant healing remedies for people who seek therapies to calm their minds as well as the spiritual self. Distant Healing

Ch. Vijay Ananth

Ch.V.Ananth, hailed from an orthodox family with vedic background. He is son of a well known astrologer C.V.B.Subrahmanyam (HOD Astrology potti sree ramulu telugu university.AP) and grandson Brahma Sree Anantha Pdmanabha Sastry (Late) who is a Vedic

Samir Jain

Renowned as Jaipur’s most famous astrologer, Samir Jain is an expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu. With over 17 years of experience in the field, Samir Jain has a fan following that pans India as well as abroad. He has completed h


It is over 29 years now that AMRITESHWARANANDJI has been practicing Astrology and Sadhna, which he has learnt from great gurus in the Guru-Shishya Prampara. He, at a very young age of 38 years, has learnt the ancient knowledge of MANTRA VIGYAN,

Honey Chopra

Honey Chopra is a Vedic Astrologer with a modern approach. She also practices Numerology and Palmistry, and has a unique combination reading method. She holds a bachelors degree in Economics(H) from the University of Delhi, an MBA and an Advanced

Abhishek Mallhotra

Equipped with deep knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy and Occult Sciences, Abhishek Malhotra has been practicing astrology since the last six years. Started studying Astrology, Numerology, Reading, Philosophy and Occult Sciences from the

Deepa V Bhambhani

Deepa V Bhambhani is a leading Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Expert of India. Her scientifically structured analysis of Kundalis and simple remedies has won her many accolades in the field. She has been the prominent exponent of Vedic and intuitive

Sushil Kumaar Singh

Sushil Kumar Singh is a renowned astrologer who is famous for his accurate predictions for various important events in recent world history. Given his reputation, he has won international acclaim as a Vedic Astrologer. With over two decades of

Anand Sagar Pathak

Anand Sagar Pathak is an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi. He is a qualified Jyotish Acharya and does predictions based on astrology, angel guidance, Tarot etc. He considers his predictive ability as a gift of Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi. He

Anil Kumar Jain

Shri Anil Kumar, a renowned astrologer, is the founder member and Vice President of Astro Science Research Organization (ASRO). ASRO is a premier organisation of India for imparting education in Astrology. He is also an active faculty in All India

Acharya Nanak Dhawan

Acharya Nanak Dhawan is a widely known name in Astrology.He has started Astrology in his early days and completed his Masters Degree in Mathematics. He is in the Astrology field for more than one decade during this period Acharya ji helped so

Reena Goswami

Career profile:A certified astrologer, Vastu consultant and writerAwards & laurels:Awarded with Gold Medal in:• Vastu Alankar• Vastu Visharad• Medical Jyotish• Medical Jyotish at Panchtatwa DelhiMotive:Her motive is to understand problem

Poonam Sharma

Ma Poonam Sharma ji belongs to a religious Brahmin family. She loves to spend most of her time, since early childhood, in learning Astrology and spirituality with her grandfather and his group of renowned astrologers.Ma Poonam Sharma ji is a reputed